Meghann is a talented puppet maker that hails from a small town in Georgia with a mission to change the way children view nutrition. Growing up Meghann had always been into music and played several instruments. In Georgia she felt like there wasn’t enough like minded people who identify with being creative. So one day she decided to pack it up and head out west to the city by the bay. She had always been interested in puppets. Always wondered how cool it would be to learn how to make them. So as the new girl in town with little distractions and commitments, she decided to pursue her interest and see where it took her. She immediately started to look for experts in the field of puppet making, which is awesome. I find that many people only seek out experts when they reach a certain road block. But Meghann made connections with experts from the beginning, ultimately avoiding potential roadblocks typically met by people with no guidance. She sought advice and guidance from many as far north as Seattle and as far south as Los angeles. People like Michael Earl and Jesse Vail. Meghann’s first customer was a friend of hers who really wanted a custom puppet and insisted on paying her to do it. She made it for him and when she realized how satisfied he was, she realized that she was ready to make a business out of this new found talent.


When trying to figure out how to take puppet making to the next level and differentiate herself, Meghann decided to focus on nutrition education for children. With children obesity and diabetes on a rise, Meghann is using her talents to battle an issue affecting many first world communities around the world. In fact one in five children suffer from obesity and diabetes is one of the fastest growing illnesses amongst children. This mission of educating children about nutrition gave birth to characters like Rasta SmoothieSammy and Cornelius the Corn Cob. Currently Meghann’s biggest revenue stream is the custom puppets which typically sell between $500 and $1,000. Though her children’s nutrition line is growing in popularity and in sales. In the past year she has been contacted by every level of education ranging from elementary to college, by instructors who are interested in using her puppets to teach their students.


Meghann is using her talent to not only build a successful business but to tackle one of the biggest issues of our time; nutrition for children. It makes me wonder what other talents that others possess which could be used to play a small or big part in taking on a growing issue? I have always been told, “a business isn’t good unless it solves a problem for someone.” And from the looks of it there are many problems left to solved. Truth is, that no matter which problems are solved, there will always be another to take it’s place. In other words, there are alwaysopportunities.


Some things that Meghann said she learned over the time of running 5000 Puppets is that when providing a service it is important to get all the expectations on the table, up front. That way you don’t have to waste time and ultimately money on fulfilling an expectation that wasn’t previously discussed. In addition to that, it’s always a good practice to leave every client completely satisfied. Meghann’s brand is one that grew organically while she was trying to figure out what she wanted it to be. She learned a lot about brand development in a small business class and one day when designing her brand she realized that it already existed. And it was alive and well. Check out 5000puppets and their Facebook. Meghann is blazing a trail in her own lane, read below her thoughts on being an entrepreneur.


What's your favorite thing about owning 5000 Puppets?

"I'm grateful that I found something I'm truly passionate about and that I also have some natural talent for. By sharing my talent, I can teach others about important topics in a fun and interactive way and hopefully make a difference in the world."

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, what would that be?

"Go after what you love." 

Chadwick Daniel