Marc is, to say the least, the king of DC. Washington DC is a magical place. It’s a city that is known to host some of the most important events of US and world history. A city that’s home to the first family, go-go music and some of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. By day you’ll see more suits running between meetings than on Wall Street. DC is a city where people pride themselves more on their job title and the role their department plays, than the car they drive. The happy hour conversations are a fine mix of politics and the economy. But when the sun falls and the moon shows it’s beautiful face, is when the city really comes to life. No one knows this better than Marc.


Marc grew up in a business oriented household. His father was an entrepreneur and his mother worked in business as well. When he was 16, after a heated argument with his father, Marc took a one way bus ticket to Atlantic City to explore and clear his mind. After several months of working various jobs and sleeping on the beach, Marc returned home with plans for a venture of his own. His first business was a courier service, by the time he was 20 years old he had over 70 employees. After several years in the courier business, he decided he wanted to get into a new venture. 


Today, he is the biggest name in the DC nightclub game but he got his start almost by accident. Marc worked his way into the scene in 1991 after he won a bet against Andre Harrell that he could throw a bigger party then him. Though he had never done party promotions before. He started promoting at various clubs throughout the city for several years following until he had saved enough money from his parties to buy his own club in 1996, The Republic Gardens. The club was located within walking distance of Howard University. Like many students in 2001 Marc graduated, but not from Howard. In 2001 Marc opened the mega club “Dream” on Okie street in Washington D.C. With doing so, he took the experience he was known for to a higher level. At the time the location was just an abandoned warehouse on the market for $1M. Being a visionary, he painted a picture of what the space could be. He convinced the property owner to agree to a $1M loan instead of cash, $15,000 up front and a $10,000 monthly payment every month thereafter.


The opening of Dream redefined what nightlife in DC looked like and made Marc the creator of the new standard. Dream was multiple floors of Hip Hop and R&B. Plush seating only available to those who paid for the VIP treatment and home to some of the biggest parties ever to take place in DC. Dream was the sophistication of Republic Gardens and was a true representation of what it’s like to mature in an industry. After three years Marc changed the club name to “Love” which revived the club and brought a whole new romance to 1350 Okie street. Today Marc owns “The Park at fourteenth” located just a few blocks from The White House. It is truly a further sophistication of his career as a club owner. The Park grosses approximately $9,000,000 a year with profit margins that hover around 12%.


Marc is a true success story. He’s larger than life and is a true inspiration to many. Despite a period of financial issues shortly after the downturn of the economy. Which affected all business owners nationwide, especially those who are directly affected by government budgets. Marc is now standing stronger than ever. Any given night you will find a line full of young people who all admire and respect him. Most looking to catch a moment to speak with him, maybe he'll drop a golden nugget. Marc is a true club owner. You can find him outside greeting patrons, helping his staff, fixing mistakes and laughing his way to the bank. With a successful history like his that has resulted in an industry wide improvement in quality, the mentoring of countless aspiring party promoters and four successful businesses. One can only wonder what’s next? Marc’s next plans are focused on working with charities to assist them in the money raising process. Which anyone who’s familiar with charities knows this to be the most difficult process. With Marc's charm, business knowledge and enormous rolodex I couldn't imagine that there's anyone else in DC that'd be better for the job. 

“It’s making people believe and then delivering. You’re dead after the first one if you don’t deliver."
Chadwick Daniel