Doug is a former CFL, NFL, Cal Berkeley and SFSU Defensive Back who has been keeping his head on swivel in the arena of alternative energy. Doug was raised in Alabama and has been playing ball since he can remember. Though coming from humble beginnings in a small town in the south he ha always had ambitions to see the world. In the 1991 NFL draft Doug was drafted by the New York Jets to play DB to crack some heads. After one season with the Jets Doug went on to play in the CFL with the Edmonton Eskimos and Sacramento Miners from 1991 to 1994. After playing football Doug returned to the Bay Area and went on to have a great career in sales. Through his experiences in the field of sales and technology he saw the growing need for alternative energy needs. in 2009 Doug started a company to answer what he saw as a growing need and that is solar panel installation. 

We all at one time or another struggle with coming up with the name for our company, whether it's your first or tenth. When coming up with the name for this blog I struggled and then one night it came to me in a dream and I couldn't sleep until I registered the domain name. Similarly Doug struggled when creating the name for his company until one night in Napa, where the stars are far more visible than from San Francisco, he saw the Big Dipper so clearly that it was clear his company's name would reference it. More importantly one of the most important stars that make up The Big Dipper is the The North Star. Which was an important indicator during slavery for escaping slaves which direction was north in order to get to safe land. Being from Alabama, The North Star is quite significant to Doug. So with adding a little flare with the word Red, Doug came up with the name that would soon run synonymous with his own, "Red Dipper". Today Doug's company is known for being the first to offer a 10% discount to employees of Anheuser Busch for solar panel installations, he consults with companies on how to minimize their carbon footprint and he also runs a program that educates former inmates to be certified solar panel installers. Red Dipper is playing a huge role in reducing the carbon emissions that are dangerously polluting our atmosphere and is destroying our environment as we know it. Doug has made the transition to defending an end zone to defending the very thing that keeps us all alive, mother earth. 

"I surround myself with good people, life is short. Like they say 'men sharpen men, like iron sharpen iron'. You gotta surround yourself with the right caliber of people." 
Chadwick Daniel