Daisy Kimbro

Daisy is a woman who's determined to succeed. After speaking with her I can only sum her up in one word: fearless. Daisy is originally from Southern California. She studied at the California State University of Bakersfield where she studied business for a few years before deciding to get into a career in court reporting. She excelled at court reporting. Court reporters have to type at least 225 words per minute to even qualify for a position. To put this in perspective, at 225 words a minute the average book of 90,000 words could be typed in just 6.5 hours. Crazy. 

Unfortunately Daisy was in a car accident and had to stop her career as a court recorder until she recovered. During this period of time she had got married and moved to Abilene, Texas. While in Texas, Daisy was a fulltime mom but was interested in exploring other outlets while staying at home. She was already making hair bow ties for her daughters and selling them to friend's for their children. So she decided to take that to a higher level and turned it into a business. This grew rapidly and was quite successful. From trade shows to local boutiques to Dillard's, her hair bow company was really taking off. 

Following a divorce, Daisy moved back to California as a single mother of four. Though her bow tie business was doing well it wasn't enough to raise her children on alone. So she made a tough decision to stop the business completely and go to school, dental school. While in school she interned and then later worked at the dentist facility on the Air Force base in Riverside, California. Riverside, California is located two counties over or at least an hour east of Los Angeles. It is best know as the birthplace of the citrus industry and the location for the March Air Reserve Base. On April 1st, 1996 due to budget cuts the military base went from an active duty Air Force base to a Air Force reserve military base. The dentist facility on base took a big hit due to the cuts as well and Daisy started working in an office off base where she spent the next seven years. 

A move to Palmdale, California to take care of her mother landed her a position in a dental office, where she'd work for the next eleven years. This move was probably one of the most important factors in Daisy's business that she runs today. They say, "Good things come to those who hustle" and Daisy has a lot of good things that happen to her. 

As a person who lives with Eczema, Daisy knows the importance of a good skin moisturizer. She decided to start making her own skin cream in 1998 to ensure that she was aware of what exactly she was applying to her skin. Over time this became a popular gift that her family would look forward to each year. While living in Palmdale a good friend of her's encouraged Daisy to start a business with her skin cream and insisted that she join her as a vendor at a small business expo. To Daisy this sounded time-consuming. For someone who started their day at 4 am and didn't end until 8 pm, she didn't see how she'd have enough time to be successful. Fortunately enough for her, this friend didn't take no for an answer. For three weeks she came to her house daily with the paperwork to sign up for the expo and a list of reasons for why she should go. Eventually Daisy decided to give it a try. Good thing she did, because the first day of the expo she sold out completely of her inventory. In addition, the dentist that she worked for naturally heard about her new business success and started to sell the products in the office. This alone was incredible for Daisy's business. Not only was she getting tremendous support from her closest friends, but the dentist office was frequented by many Hollywood elites. From there came the birth of Aromaology: "a handmade bath, body and home fragrance company". 

Your network really is your net worth. It's quite clear that Daisy has a lot of support from people that are close to her, even her logo was created by a friend who is also a designer at Disney. When Daisy first started the company she was still working in the dentist office and some times she would get so busy that she would go an entire week of only sleeping 2-3 hours a night. I can tell you from weekends in Vegas that it's only humanly possible to go two, maybe three days with 2-3 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. So being that she went an entire week shows you how determined Daisy can be. Working like this eventually took a toll on her and she got seriously sick. Which leads to Daisy's first piece of advice: value your health. We all have seen this happen time and time again. Very successful people get very ill, sometimes fatally ill due to their work ethic. Take care of yourself. What's the point of having money if you're not alive to spend it? Health = wealth.

 About three years ago Daisy decided to quit her job and go full time with her company and has seen amazing success since. Today you can find Aromaology for sale on Etsy.com, in spas in LA and New York and at a holistic store in LA called Simply Wholesome

Daisy commends the decision to quit as one of the best decisions she has ever made. She advises anyone that feels that their job is holding them back from optimum success with their business, to go full time as well. But only after a lot of planning and strategizing to make it worth while. Six months after quitting her job Daisy's current brand managers approached her with an opportunity to not only help her grow the Aromaology brand but to invest a few hundred thousand bucks as well. "If I had never stepped out on faith and went for it, I'm sure that opportunity would have never presented itself." In 2014 Aromaology joined the list of brands represented by Artisan Brands. A brand management company founded by Robert Montgomery who has been an innovative leader in brand building for twenty years. This partnership has lead to conversations with multiple large retailers and distribution channels throughout The United States.

Daisy's future plans consist of partnering with a manufacturer that will maintain the premium quality Aromaology is known for. It'll be hard for her to continue to make it in her home if her company grows 10,000% within the next 24 months. She also has plans of optimizing her distribution, becoming a global brand and making it on the Forbes List.

For all you aspiring entrepreneurs or those who are just getting started Daisy has something to tell you. "Never give up on your dreams. There's always going to be ups and downs. There's always going to be people that tell you no, but if you keep on your path and never stop and keep growing, keep learning. You will become successful. I would also suggest to have a plan because without a plan it's just a hobby."  

Chadwick Daniel