The First Life Lesson of 2017


In my opinion it’s best to take inspiration and learn lessons from all that surrounds you. When you grow up like I did, you learn life lessons from your favorite movies and get your greatest inspiration from musicians who are telling your story. Finding inspiration in the wins that people celebrate and learning lessons in losses that others go through, is one of the greatest benefits of today’s connected world. 

One life lesson that I was reminded of recently was the importance of consistency in quality. If all goes as planned, you will eventually have a significant amount of people interested in your product or service. Some time after they are interested in your product or service they will become a customer by giving you their hard earned dollars. Know this, remember this, keep this close by your side; maybe even under your pillow at night. Just because they were your customer once, even if you sell something they may never need more than once, your job still isn’t done. That customer, is going to expect the quality of service and product that they received in the beginning, to be the same. No matter when or how often they do business with you again. It’s safe to say that if they are now a customer, they were impressed by your company at some degree. That means that they will refer people to your business in the future. That also means that the sales process for their referral and for them purchasing again will be much shorter than with a brand new potential client. AKA “easy money”.

Does anyone have an umbrella? You might be asking, what reminded him of this lesson? Well, even if you’re not a fan of UFC I am sure you saw the annihilation of Ronda Rousey last week. On July 30th 2015 Ronda Tweeted that she was going to retire undefeated. Since then she has lost twice by knockout. There’s a lot of theories as to how someone can go from being such a powerful force who offers such incredible fights for her fans. To being such a great disappointment in just under two years. I’d say she got caught up in the recognition, felt as if she had “made it” and stopped doing the preliminary work that prepared her to be such a great fighter. The thing is that not only has Ronda lost two fights, but she’s also lost her appeal, she’s lost her undefeatedness, she’s lost fans. In the business of sports, no fans mean no endorsements. The product that she was selling: an undefeated, young, attractive MMA fighter is no longer consistent with reality and for that she has not only lost a 0 on her fighting record but also on her endorsement checks.

Whatever you present your product to be, it better be it and remain it or you will have the twitter trolls hopping on your timeline. The lesson here is consistency in quality, ladies and gentlemen. Dare not for a moment let your quality slip, because like Ms. Rousey knows all too well. Sometimes when you slip, you don’t get back up.

Chadwick Burnaw - Founder

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