Teamwork makes the dream work

We’ve all been taught to work as a team for the majority of our lives, well, most of us have. Nonetheless we all are aware of the benefits of working in teams. Teamwork is meant to allow a group of individuals to work together, to conquer the same goal or goals. When I was six years old I started playing football and quickly learned the meaning of teamwork. It was important for us linemen to block the invaders in order to give the backs enough time to score, and we really wanted to score. Sports like football, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, rugby and a host of others really emphasize the importance of teamwork. Without the combination of talented players in play, to get the ball in the opposite teams goal or on the ground of their side of the court (in the case of volleyball) in most cases it just doesn’t work. In most cases if everyone isn’t in tune to the game plan, if everyone isn’t giving it their all, you’ll see some of the greatest sports injuries or phenomenon.

Outside of the sports arena, teamwork is even more essential. Later when I obtained my first job at the heavenly “Golden Arches”, teamwork was emphasized even more. From the freezer to your gut, the making of a Big Mac takes pure teamwork. If the cooker isn’t on point, then the assembler runs out of patties, if the assembler runs out of patties then the distributor can’t fulfill orders and remove them from the order list. If the order list has orders un-fulfilled on it for too long then it messes up the metrics that the manager is measured on. Not to mention, the cashier will be getting a lot of death stares from people that are waiting for their Big Mac’s longer than expected.

In life, teamwork is important and part of our lives. At one point or another we all rely on someone that we consider a close friend, family or a significant other. Because let’s face it, we can’t do it all alone.

In business teamwork is very important and the sad thing is that for most people they’d rather avoid it all costs. Many times I have witnessed people who knowingly have each other’s missing piece to the puzzle. But due to their ego, they’d rather not work with anyone else, so they don’t have to share the success of completing the puzzle with anyone else. To me that has never made much sense. If your ego is more important than your success, then please prepare for failure. I’ve worked with a lot of egotistical people and let’s not confuse ego with confidence here. Nonetheless, if success is really the objective and working with others guarantees it. Then find someone that not only can help you grow, but you can do the same for them. I have this friend, he wanted to import this particular product into South America from this team of American entrepreneurs. He has all the necessary government contacts, experience with importing and the finances to be successful. He wanted to do a profit sharing deal with them, yet they’d rather sell the items to him at just below retail price. They’d rather treat him as a discounted customer than teammate. They’d rather take a possible success over a guaranteed one. They’d rather take a few sales over market control. Teamwork is an essential part of business, it’s an important element to life.

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