Life becomes clearer when you wipe down the mirror

When I first heard this line I immediately paused the song and thought to myself, “What does Nas mean?” I backed the song up by about twenty seconds and played it again. After hearing it for a second time I remember drifting off into an imaginary bathroom. In the bathroom I was looking into a gunked up dirty mirror, unable to see my reflection. I then wiped the section of the mirror that covered the reflection of my face and ah-ha! I was able to see myself. At that moment I got it, “life becomes clearer when you [take a really good look at yourself].”

There are so many legendary stories about people who have had a life altering experience that forced them into a place where they discovered who they truly are. Only for them to later lead a life of achievements and ideas that created culture shifts. The scariest thing to be unknown to you is you. We all, no matter how awesome we may be, have had a period of time where we were unsure of who we were looking at in the mirror. Some accepted it and stayed in that scary unknown place for an extended period of time, avoiding the mirror at all costs. While many others were so spooked out by the fact their reflection was a stranger, someone they thought they knew well, that they immediately stuck out their hand to introduce themselves. They were upfront with themselves, honest with themselves, blunt with themselves, judgmental of themselves, non-compassionate with themselves, then compassionate with themselves and more importantly they spent time with themselves.

The only way to get to know someone is to take a really good look at them, find out what they like, dislike and to spend time with them. Only then can you have a relatively clear expectation of them and your relationship with them. So why not do this with ourselves? How can we know what to expect of ourselves, what we truly want out of this life we were given, if we do not get to know ourselves? Life can be defined in many ways. But for the purpose of this post I’ll say: Life is the relationship that we have with ourselves. Unless we take time to get to know ourselves or take a really good look at ourselves, the relationship will go on, unclear of what to expect. So if you haven’t already; grab some Windex, a couple sheets of paper towel and wipe down that mirror. Take a step back and a good look at what you see. Now isn’t everything clearer? Life is good.

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