Get out of your way

Living in Silicon Valley/San Francisco for 7 years I've learned a lot of life's truths. One of the most important, for me, has been that in this country that I call home you truly have the ability to build the type of life that you desire. Regardless of what features make up your profile. I've met countless people who have gone from rags to riches, others who have gone from riches to rags and a special group of people who have every tool and manual life could hand them but still can't figure out how to build the life that they want because they're too busy getting in their own way. Sad story.

Despite some chaos we live in a great period of time. It doesn't pay to be negative or to get in your own way. Build. Build what you want. Build what you want for the ones that said you couldn't or wouldn't. They deserve it the most. Build what you want so you can enjoy your creation. Build what you want so that other's can enjoy your creation. There's no greater feeling than when your ideas come to fruition and they're appreciated by the public. Before starting Champagne Wishes TV, I never "interviewed" anyone. Sure I had been on a million + 1 interviews for terrible jobs and about two good ones. But interviewing someone was an experience I hadn't had up to my first CWTV interview. What made me think that I was ready to do so? I knew that in my life I had had many conversations. Also, I listened to the little voice in me that said "F*ck it". Besides, I had come accustomed to hearing about so many people that were building their plane while flying. What makes them special? Or at least: what makes them more special than me? We all have the ability to do what ever it is we think would be cool. For some things the barrier to entry is higher than the average project, but no barrier is too high to climb. I met some guys recently that are in the process of launching their own Airline company. Get this, they're just 30 years old. Now while no barrier to entry is too high to climb, there will be no barrier that is higher than the one that we create for ourselves. Since I started this site, I have interviewed approximately 45 people. The most common attribute amongst interviewees has been one thing. They all started on their path after they had successfully got out of their own way. 

People always ask me what is my favorite story so far and one always comes to mind. One of my first interviews and still my favorite story to this day, was a single mom who changed her life once she abandoned her ability to doubt herself. I love this story for multiple reasons, but mainly because I was raised by a single mom and I know that life, which isn't easy for anyone involved. Also because not only is she a lovely person, but she is also fearless. Here's the story in a nutshell: she was raising her daughter by herself, working two jobs, going to school and not happy. She decided she was going to open a spa, though she had no experience working in a spa or as a customer. She went to school and got certified. Started working in a spa by renting a workspace, saved her money and later opened her own spa; renting space to others. Today she owns a very successful spa in Pacifica, California and has truly turned her life around. Now I'm sure you see why I love her story.

Life is a rough road. You'll hit pot holes, speed humps, get flat tires and bad directions. But it's important to continue to move forward. Sometimes you'll learn that there's a better path that'll take you to the same destination and other times you'll learn that the only way to proceed is to walk. Either way you have to be ready to be comfortable with what ever you learn to be your reality. Above all, you have to get rid of obstacles and remove the ones that you have created for yourself, first. Everyone is different and so is everyone's path. Get out of your own way in order to see your's for the first time.