Fate loves the fearless

According to Marriam-Webster:

  1. Fate is the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do : Destiny.
  2. Fearless is to be free from fear Brave.

Fate is an interesting thing. Essentially, it is the cause to a determined story, your story. What if you could read the last page of your story, would you? I for sure would not. If my life was a book, I would hope that it would be divided up into at least 1,000 volumes that have at least 1,000 pages each. With font so small that even an Air Force pilot would need a magnifying glass to read it, being they have 20/20 vision and all. And if you were to skip to the last page it wouldn’t make any sense because you skipped so much content that all built up to my last day, or page. And though mine and most of our lives aren’t books, they are stories, that hopefully will be told for decades after our last page.


I can’t recall where, but somewhere some genius wrote: “Fate Loves The Fearless”. When I read it I was forever altered. Note: it didn’t say Fate Loves The Careless. Anyway, my interpretation of this very heavy, loaded statement was that there’s no great story with a boring and timid main character. A story might start out with a boring main character, she may become exciting and end magnificently. But to start out boring, become more boring and then out of nowhere have a great ending…let’s be real. The people that are poisoned by fear and yes I said poisoned, usually write or live a boring story, which makes the ending usually very predictable. But when I hear, “Fate Loves The Fearless” I think of only one thing and that is greatness, not predictability.

I feel like “Fate Loves The Fearless”, is the quote I’ve been waiting to read all of my life. I’ve heard the “get out of your comfort zone”, all too often. I’ve heard “push yourself beyond your fears”, etc., etc. But “Fate Loves The Fearless” to me, is perfect. To take an idea, that is a little outlandish that even your significant other and friends don’t understand. Then to turn it into a money generating business, takes a certain level of fearlessness. Especially if it is your first venture, which for most entrepreneurs that is the case. Success isn’t necessarily measured by you being the best, but by you being the best that youcan be. Yeah, I noticed there’s a couple military references in this post too. But in all seriousness, to be the best that YOU can be at something that you are or you’re not familiar with requires a unique attitude. An attitude that comes from a fearlessness that allows you to look inside and tell the inner you, that doubts you [whether slightly or extremely], to “shut the f*ck up”. To the core it is being free of fear to fail. To me what is more scary than failure is being haunted by the question, “What if?”. I’d rather regret something I did, rather than what I didn’t. Mainly because it is impossible to learn from something you didn’t do, and the greatest successes come only after a few or in some cases, many failures.

What is your destiny?

Ask yourself, “what is my destiny?”. You have no idea! And nor do I, and that my friends is the most beautiful thing about the human experience. That you won’t know your destiny until you’re on one knee, taking your last breathe and your “life flashes before your eyes”. In that moment and only in that moment, you will know whether or not fate has favored you. If idle hands are the Devil’s playground, then fearless minds are where you’ll find Fate on the monkey bars and the seesaw. If we want to be great we have to also be fearless, those two go hand in hand. Oprah Winfrey, J. K. Rowling, David Geffen, Shawn Carter, Steve Jobs, Curtis Jackson, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Amancio Gaona and Howard Schultz. This is a list of what is only the tip of the iceberg of several people who have come from an impoverished or unfortunate childhood. Each one of these people took a unique idea that they were passionate about, approached it with a fearless attitude and have become greatly successful and wealthy because of it.

If Fate loves the fearless and you can’t control Fate, but you can control what you choose to fear. Be fearless and feel the love.

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