Burn the bridges and sink the boats

At one point or another you'll have to make a decision that doesn't leave any options for a redo. For everyone the cause of this decision will be different, but it's important to recognize it and go into the experience full heartedly. Let's think about sky diving. Once you step into the open hatch on the plane and you look down. You see thousands of feet in between you and the ground, you may have a chance to get cold feet. But what's the point of flying all the way up there if you're not going to land on your Nikes? You've got to go in whole heartedly. You've got to clench you teeth and jump! No plan B, no back up plan, no safety net. Though you will need your parachute. 

In moments of making life changing decisions, the only way to fully experience that moment is to go in it nose first, teeth clenched. My favorite way to express this is with "burn the bridges and sink the boats". When starting a company, going back to school or moving to a new city. If you don't go into it without a consideration of an alternative, you leave room for cold feet. If things get tough and they will, you'll go back across the bridge to that comfy island that you know all too well. You'll reapply to your old job or find an equivalent or in the case of moving you go home with you tail between your legs. I have a friend of mine that moved to California earlier this year. He lasted maybe two months, before he returned to the east coast. It wasn't because of money, he had a good paying job making $70,000+. It wasn't that he had any obligations back home; no kids or wife and his house was being rented. In California he had friends and went on dates, so he wasn't lonely. Bottom line is that he wasn't in it whole heartedly, mentally. His bridge was still in tact and his boats were still floating. His body had crossed the bridge but his mind had not. 

Why make a decision if you know that you could very possibly reap what you have just sewn? It's like buying a shirt that you really want and then keeping the receipt. I never keep the receipt. F*ck receipts. Unless it's business related and qualifies for a tax deduction, then I always keep the receipt. 

A popular saying today is: Go hard or go home. I think this needs to rephrased to: Go hard, don't go home or replaced with my personal favorite: Burn the bridges and sink the boats. Be so serious about the decision that you are making that you leave no room for an option to quit. Treat success as a method of survival. It's only a failure if you quit, until then it's a lesson. Never quit. Burn the bridges, sink the boats. 

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