A goal without a plan is just a wish

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” – Puff Daddy

In everything we do preparation is vital. Even good cooking, marinating the meat is essential to a good meal…unless you’re a vegetarian. Everyday we prepare for the day ahead of us. Based on the type of day we have dictates the outfit we select, how we style our hair, the scent we spray ourselves with etc. The sad thing is when we, entrepreneurs, don’t take this same approach with our ventures. I’ll tell you from experience, there are a lot of fantastic ideas out there, I’ve heard many. But success in business isn’t all about having a good idea. Success in business, as in many facets of life, is mostly the result of good preparation followed by good execution. What’s even more true is that most people find through planning that though the idea sounds great, it won’t work. Whether the financials don’t add up or the demographical statistics tell a different story about their clients than they assumed. Could you imagine finding out an idea won’t work after you’ve already gone into business? Preparation allows you to see potential threats to the success before they even show their ugly little heads. Or even better, allows you to design a model that would be immune to these potential threats. Let’s take competition for example, if you do have a good idea, trust in one thing: other people will agree that it’s good and will believe they can do a better job than you. Most industry leaders weren’t the first to pioneer into their industry. Most of them are just better at preparing and executing their plan of action than the guys before them.

A Business Plan is the marinade to a Business idea, with it everything tastes better.

Business plan templates are easy to find online, finding a good one is important.  A good business plan makes you go deep inside and find those answers to unasked questions. Sometimes we are so connected to our idea that it’s our siamese twin. A good business plan allows you to separate yourself from your idea and look back at it with a critical eye. It also pushes you in front of a mirror and forces you to ask yourself whether you are ready to start this venture. Most people see themselves for the first time when writing a business plan about an idea that they’re passionate about.

Many of us desire an alternative to the reality as we know it. Whether that means to change a piece of our reality or all of it. Maybe that means finding a better way of earning income, better friends, a better apartment, a better significant other. No matter what that alternative may be, what are we doing about that desire? Without a plan of action or preparation, a desire or goal is simply: a wish. So in case you haven’t been brought up to speed; Unicorns don’t exist, Bigfoot might and wishing-wells are full of hopeless dreams and loose change.

Let’s stop making wishes and let’s start making goals.

businessChadwick Daniel